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Marriage CornerMarriage Corner:
The Marriage Corner is a place where you can share your relationship problems with other people.

The Marriage Corner: Do You Think my Marriage Can be Repaired?

How have you been together? My husband & I have been together for 13 yrs in Feb.

What is your age range? 34-39

Please share your story:   My husband & I have been together for 13 yrs & have been married for 11 & 1/2. We have separated 8 months ago, due to several problems. I love my husband very much and didn't realize just how much until he was gone from my life. I knew I loved him, but now I realized how much and it may be too late.

We got together when he was 22 and I was 27. Everything happened. fast. we went from dating to, 4 moths later, living together. Two months after that I was pregnant, and 16 months after getting together to we were married.

We got along very well at the beginning. Then things slowly went south, which lead to where we are today, separated. On Easter Day last year I threw my husband out when he decided to call me a dime store whore and say I was messing with someone else after a weekend of me and my daughter visiting a friend. We got into a very bad argument and he once again decided to pull his hand gun out &ask me if I wanted him to end it all for everyone.

This wasn't the first time he did this. I was very upset and told him to leave. I don't think he would have done anything considering he never did before, but it once again made me scared. So we did separate. A couple months later I decided to try dating a friend. I quickly realized it was never going to work because I loved my husband too much. I stopped dating. 

I have told my husband how I feel about him and have apologized many times. He had also started seeing someone else but split up with her during this 8 month period. However, now he's been talking to another woman and, I am afraid I may have lost him forever.

I told him I was willing to change where things needed to. we have had occasional sexual relations since right before Christmas but have decided to stop doing that in order to lessen the pain.

I'm not sure if he still loves me or not, but I do know I love him & want our family back together. This is also hurting our daughter very much.

Do you think this marriage can be reconciled? Please help..



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