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SCAMHC is an approved Mental Health site for the National Health Service Corps Loan Repayment program.  Find out the program details and see if you qualify by visiting: http://nhsc.hrsa.gov/

SCAMHC is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer and maintains a Drug-Free Workplace





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Many Americans Lack Knowledge, Not Desire, to Eat Plant-Based Diets - 2020-02-20
"A new poll suggests that education is all that stops most Americans from embracing plant-based diets that are better for the planet." More

Skiers Study Suggests Fitness May Stave Off Parkinson's - 2020-02-20
"Swedish researchers report that very fit long-distance skiers were about 30% less likely to develop Parkinson's disease during their 20-year study." More

As Prices Rise for Parkinson's, Alzheimer's Meds, Patients Go Without - 2020-02-19
"Rising drug costs are hampering the care of patients with debilitating neurological disorders like Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's, a new study finds." More

AHA News: What Women Need to Know About Breast Cancer and Heart Disease - 2020-02-19
"Heart disease – the No. 1 killer of women – can sometimes be a complication of breast cancer treatment. Older women who survive breast cancer are more likely to die of heart disease than a cancer recurrence." More

Common Plastics Chemicals Linked to Autism Traits in Young Boys - 2020-02-19
"Young boys whose mothers were exposed to chemicals known as phthalates while pregnant may face an increased risk for developing behaviors associated with autism, a new study warns." More

Texting Trauma: Many Teens Suffer 'Digital Dating Abuse' - 2020-02-19
"Many U.S. teenagers may be using their smartphones to harass, humiliate or otherwise abuse their dating partners." More

Is High Blood Pressure in First Pregnancy a Harbinger of Heart Trouble? - 2020-02-18
"Having high blood pressure in a first pregnancy quadruples a woman's risk of heart attack or death from heart disease, a new study finds." More

AHA News: Domestic Abuse May Do Long-Term Damage to Women's Health - 2020-02-18
"Women who experience domestic abuse may be more likely to develop heart disease, stroke and Type 2 diabetes, new research suggests." More

Shotguns Often Play Tragic Role in Rural Teens' Suicides: Study - 2020-02-18
"Could stricter safety rules for rifles and shotguns help prevent suicide?" More

Price Hikes Have Patients Turning to Craigslist for Insulin, Asthma Inhalers - 2020-02-18
"Maybe you've gone to Craigslist to find a used car or a secondhand couch, but imagine having to turn to the internet to pay for lifesaving drugs." More

'Couch Potato' Lifestyle Poses Danger to Women's Hearts - 2020-02-18
"Most folks know that being a couch potato is bad for their health, but new research suggests that women who spend hours in their chairs and sofas might face greater risks than believed." More

Women Patients Still Missing in Heart Research - 2020-02-18
"Women remain underrepresented in heart disease research, even though it's the leading cause of death among women worldwide, researchers say." More

Vaping Causes DNA Changes Similar to Those in Cancer: Study - 2020-02-17
"People who vape have potentially cancer-causing changes in their DNA similar to those found in cigarette smokers, according to a new study." More

Kids Raised by Grandparents More Likely to Pile on Pounds: Study - 2020-02-17
"Grandparents can be a bad influence on kids' weight, researchers say." More

Don't Try to Kick the Smoking Habit Alone - 2020-02-16
"Going solo when trying to quit smoking isn't enough, one lung health expert says." More

1471 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)