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SCAMHC is an approved Mental Health site for the National Health Service Corps Loan Repayment program.  Find out the program details and see if you qualify by visiting: http://nhsc.hrsa.gov/

SCAMHC is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer and maintains a Drug-Free Workplace





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FDA Pulls Heartburn Drug Zantac From Market - 2020-04-01
"All versions of the heartburn drug Zantac (ranitidine) have been pulled from the U.S. market due to possible contamination with a probable cancer-causing chemical, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said Wednesday." More

Parents, Arm Your Kids Against COVID-19 With Good Hand-Washing Habits - 2020-03-31
"What's the best thing you can teach your kid as the new coronavirus races around the globe? Proper hand-washing habits, a leading pediatricians' group says." More

Dirty Air Might Raise Your Odds for Dementia - 2020-03-31
"Smog drives up dementia risk, particularly for older men and women with heart disease, according to a new Swedish study." More

Don't Fall Prey to COVID-19 Scammers - 2020-03-31
"The COVID-19 pandemic has spawned a wave of scammers looking to take advantage of older adults, experts warn." More

AHA News: Dropping Blood Pressure May Predict Frailty, Falls in Older People - 2020-03-30
"Blood pressure that goes down when you stand up is associated with frailty and falls in older people, according to a new study that advocates more testing." More

A Parent's Guide to Fighting Coronavirus Stress - 2020-03-30
"Stressed-out parents should reach out to others for support during the coronavirus pandemic, child health experts say." More

Recovery From Mild Brain Trauma Takes Longer Than Expected: Study - 2020-03-29
"Less than half of patients with a sports-related mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) recover within two weeks, new research shows." More

Staying at Home During the Pandemic? Use Technology to Stay Connected - 2020-03-28
"Technology can help you maintain social connections if you're staying home during the coronavirus pandemic, an expert says." More

Too Little Sleep Takes Toll on Kids' Mental Health: Study - 2020-03-27
"Kids who don't get enough sleep may be at risk for ADHD, anxiety, depression and other mental health problems, researchers report." More

Legal Pot Products Too Potent for Chronic Pain - 2020-03-27
"Most legal medical marijuana -- more than 90% -- is stronger than what doctors recommend for chronic pain relief, a new study finds." More

PTSD Can Take Heavy Toll on Hearts of Female Vets - 2020-03-26
"PTSD can cause severe psychic distress, but it may also raise heart risks for female veterans in particular, a new study suggests." More

Trial Finds Acupuncture May Help Prevent Migraines - 2020-03-26
"A new clinical trial supports acupuncture as an option for reducing migraine headaches, and researchers believe doctors should inform patients it is a possible treatment." More

Could Viagra, Cialis Work Largely by Placebo Effect? - 2020-03-26
"Until the discovery of Viagra, men with erectile dysfunction were largely left with the impression that their sexual problems were all in their head. That might still be somewhat true, even in this age of little blue pills, a new paper argues." More

Could Sleep Apnea Put You at Risk for Alzheimer's? - 2020-03-25
"New research out of France suggests that untreated sleep apnea could raise your odds for developing Alzheimer's disease." More

Daily Aspirin Won't Stop Dementia, Study Finds - 2020-03-25
"Millions of Americans pop a low-dose aspirin each day to help ward off heart issues, but a new study finds that protection may not extend to dementia." More

1446 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)