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SCAMHC is an approved Mental Health site for the National Health Service Corps Loan Repayment program.  Find out the program details and see if you qualify by visiting: http://nhsc.hrsa.gov/

SCAMHC is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer and maintains a Drug-Free Workplace





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Even Housework, Gardening Can Help an Older Woman's Heart - 2019-03-15
"Think exercise has to be high-intensity to make a difference to your health? Think again. New research shows that even routine housework and gardening can help older women's hearts." More

AHA News: Overweight Kids at Higher Risk for Blood Clots as Adults - 2019-03-15
"Overweight children may be more likely than normal-weight children to develop life-threatening blood clots as adults, a new Danish study suggests. The good news is, getting to a healthy weight by age 13 eliminated the extra risk." More

Heart Attacks Fall By One-Third Among Older Americans - 2019-03-15
"Since the mid-1990s, the number of seniors who suffered a heart attack or died from one dropped dramatically -- evidence that campaigns to prevent heart attacks and improve patient care are paying off, Yale University researchers said." More

How to Protect Your Kids From Drowning - 2019-03-15
"Drowning can be swift and silent, making it a leading cause of accidental death among children." More

Burden of Autism in Teens Weighs Heaviest on Minorities, Poor - 2019-03-15
"Autism exacts a heavy toll on the families of teens who struggle with the disorder, but the fight to get treatment and services is even harder among minorities who live in poverty, new research suggests." More

Fewer Boys Are Suffering Head Injuries, But Rate Rises for Girls - 2019-03-14
"There's good news and bad news from a new study of children visiting U.S. emergency departments for head injuries: The rate of these potentially serious events has fallen among boys, but risen for girls." More

Mental Health Woes Are Rising in Young Americans -- Is Social Media to Blame? - 2019-03-14
"Young Americans may be more vulnerable to depression, distress and suicidal thoughts or attempts than their parents' generation, and social media might be fueling that troubling trend." More

AHA News: Black Woman in Their 50s Face Especially High Stroke Risk - 2019-03-14
"Black women in their 50s may have more than triple the risk of stroke compared to white women of the same age, according to a new study that also found a healthy lifestyle could help curb much of that risk." More

Early-Onset Menstruation Linked to Later High Blood Pressure Risk - 2019-03-14
"Older women who started menstruating at an early age have an increased risk of high blood pressure, new research suggests." More

Rate of U.S. Deaths Tied to Dementia Has More Than Doubled - 2019-03-14
"Dementia is now one of the leading killers in the United States, with the rate of deaths linked to the disease more than doubling over the past two decades." More

Flavored E-Cigarettes Hold Greatest Appeal for Youth - 2019-03-13
"Candy- and fruit-flavored electronic cigarettes hold far more allure for teens and young adults than older adults, a new study shows." More

Even Distant Relatives' History Could Up Your Alzheimer's Risk - 2019-03-13
"A grandparent's mental decline or a great uncle's waning memory may indicate you, too, have greater risk for Alzheimer's disease -- especially if closer relatives have the condition, a new study says." More

Keep E-Cigs Away From Youth to Win War Against Tobacco - 2019-03-13
"Making sure electronic cigarettes don't get into the hands of youngsters is the key to beating tobacco use and nicotine addiction in the United States, a new American Heart Association policy statement says." More

Claire's Recalls 3 Cosmetic Products Due to Possible Asbestos Contamination - 2019-03-13
"Claire's Stores, Inc., announced a voluntary recall of three of its cosmetic products on Tuesday." More

Scientists Spot Clues to Predicting Breast Cancer's Return - 2019-03-13
"Figuring out which breast cancer patients will live disease-free after treatment is a bit of a guessing game. But new research indicates breast cancer cells hold molecular clues that may allow doctors to predict who is at high risk of having a recurrence up to 20 years later." More

1481 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)