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SCAMHC is an approved Mental Health site for the National Health Service Corps Loan Repayment program.  Find out the program details and see if you qualify by visiting: http://nhsc.hrsa.gov/

SCAMHC is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer and maintains a Drug-Free Workplace





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Pets: Big Pandemic Stress Reducers - 2020-06-05
"June is time for people to bond with their pets, the American Heart Association says." More

'Psychological Distress' Has Tripled in U.S. During Pandemic, Survey Shows - 2020-06-05
"COVID-19 is taking a heavy toll on Americans' mental health, a new nationwide survey shows." More

Black Children Hit Especially Hard by COVID-19 Inflammatory Syndrome - 2020-06-04
"Black children appear to be particularly vulnerable to the rare but severe inflammatory syndrome striking kids with COVID-19, a new French study suggests." More

Amid Pandemic, Protest Peacefully While Staying Healthy - 2020-06-04
"You've watched police brutality protests unfold across America and you want to take part, but you fear that choice could raise your risk of coronavirus infection. Is there a way to express your outrage without endangering your health? Yes, say doctors who offer tips on safely joining large protests on the streets of cities across the country." More

Wristband 'Zapper' Might Help Calm Tourette Syndrome - 2020-06-04
"A wristband that zaps a key nerve may help quell the uncontrollable tics of Tourette syndrome, according to British researchers." More

Kids Breaking Fewer Bones During Pandemic, But More Fractures Happening at Home - 2020-06-04
"There's been a nearly 60% drop in broken bones among U.S. children during the coronavirus pandemic, but the rate of fractures that occur at home has climbed, a new study finds." More

How to Get Better Sleep While Working at Home - 2020-06-04
"For many, work-at-home orders aimed at fighting the COVID-19 pandemic have had an unintended side effect: sleep loss." More

When a Handgun Is in the Home, Suicide Risk Quickly Rises - 2020-06-03
"Handgun owners are at substantially heightened risk of suicide in the years after buying their first gun, a large new study finds." More

Meds Like Valium, Xanax Linked to Higher Risk of Ectopic Pregnancy - 2020-06-03
"Taking benzodiazepines -- drugs such as Xanax, Valium, Klonopin, Halcion or Ativan -- to treat anxiety or insomnia before pregnancy boosts the risk of an ectopic pregnancy, new research suggests." More

Domestic Violence May Have Risen Under Stay-at-Home Rules - 2020-06-03
"Domestic violence cases rose after Los Angeles and Indianapolis introduced stay-at-home rules to help stop the spread of COVID-19, researchers say." More

Similar to Adults, Obesity Raises Kids' Odds for Severe COVID-19 - 2020-06-03
"If a child is infected with the new coronavirus, being obese appears to greatly raise the odds for developing a severe form of COVID-19, a new study finds." More

At-Home Gene Test for Breast, Ovarian Cancers Looks Effective - 2020-06-03
"Screening for breast and ovarian cancer genes might be added to the list of medical tests that can be safely and effectively done from home, new research suggests." More

Are Food Allergies Under-Diagnosed in Poor Families? - 2020-06-02
"Food allergies may be under-diagnosed among children covered by Medicaid, a new study suggests." More

Coronavirus Pandemic Spurring Mental Health Crisis, Especially in the Young - 2020-06-02
"The coronavirus pandemic is taking its toll on Americans' mental health, with more than 88,000 people developing anxiety or depression as a result, according to Mental Health America (MHA), a U.S. community-based nonprofit organization." More

AHA News: Looking for Ways to Protect Against Pandemic PTSD - 2020-06-02
""We're going to have many more mental health issues as time goes on," said Dr. Rima Styra, a psychiatrist at Toronto's University Health Network and associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Toronto. "And people will refer to it as a mental health pandemic."" More

1380 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)